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It is our pleasure to nominate the following essays by LaRue Cook for consideration in this year’s Pushcart Prize contest:

  • “The Day My Father Died”

  • “Dirty Dishes”

  • “The Price of Admission”

  • “Black Lives Matter, Part 1”

  • “Black Lives Matter, Part 2”

  • “Black Lives Matter, Part 3”

The essays were published in March 2019 as part of Man in the (Rearview) Mirror, which chronicles the author’s unorthodox decision to leave his corporate job in Connecticut to become an Uber driver in his hometown in Tennessee—all while the United States experienced one of the most polarizing presidential elections in its history. Part voyeuristic, sometimes hilarious, always thoughtful and probing, the essays reflect a man learning how to love himself at a time when it is often too easy to hate. With compassion for his passengers, and himself, Cook carefully navigates us to a place of forgiveness, patience, and, hopefully, peace.

“It was my privilege to work on these essays with LaRue,” says editor Colin Hosten. “I know the folks at Pushcart Press will enjoy reading them as much as I did.”

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