Wild Pine Editions

a division of Woodhall Press

an independent publisher of independent authors

Woodhall Press is proud to launch Wild Pine Editions, offers professional  publishing services to clients ranging from individual authors and corporations, to organizations,  nonprofits, civic societies and associations, to trade, academic, education, health and business publishers. 

We are a U.S. company based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Our end-to-end domestic services  include design, composition, content and editorial services, comprehensive project management,  illustration, and digital transformation. In addition, we provide domestic services as well as  offshore services from facilities in India and China.


Our personalized editorial services include all levels of professional copyediting and manuscript  file preparation, design, illustration, proofreading, and indexing as well as print-ready files for  both print and e-book distribution. Our copyeditors, designers, proofreaders, and indexers are  seasoned professionals with vast experience accumulated over decades in their field, and their work is thoroughly reviewed for quality. 

We would be delighted to arrange a call to better understand your current needs and discuss our  capabilities. We also offer a 10% referral fee for any net services rendered. 

We’re excited about this new adventure and look forward to the possibility of providing  excellent service for you.

A La Carte Services

Woodhall Press is an independent publisher of independent authors. Part of our mission is to raise emerging writers into the global marketplace. Wild Pine Editions offers services to authors who are still in the process of developing their work. Developmental editing includes organizational and structural edit of manuscript; all copyediting tasks (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.); along with fact-checking and edits for accuracy, consistency, and clarity/flow throughout.

We often work with writers on the following types of projects. If you’re working in a form that's not listed below, ask us if we can help.

  • Blogs

  • Short Stories

  • Flash Fiction

  • Flash Nonfiction

  • Novels

  • Articles

  • Essays

  • Plays

  • Screenplays

  • Poems

​As writers, writing instructors, editors, and publishers, we're dedicated to helping your work reach your audience. When your project is complete and polished, we’ll help you find representation with an appropriate literary agency, or help you connect directly with another small press. We can also offer self-publication guidance.

Our rates are based on the Editorial Freelancers Association guidelines and tailored to fit each unique project. Email david@woodhallpress.com to start the process.