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Woodhall Press welcomes agented and un-agented manuscript submissions.  We have published emerging writers, poet laureates, and New York Times best-selling authors. We are interested in works that surprise, delight, and shatter norms. See below for full details.

Manuscript Submissions

Woodhall Press is committed to publishing diverse voices and welcomes submissions from underrepresented writers. For Connecticut Literary Anthology Submissions, see above. Our submissions are open for all genres.

  • one-page pitch letter 

  • Include 3-5 poems with your pitch letter

  • reading fee: none

  • send pitch & poems within the text of the email to:

  • include a one-page pitch letter in the body of your email

  • reading fee: none

  • format: within the text of an email sent to


2024 Yale Writers’ Workshop Book Prize

Submissions are open July 1 to July 14, 2024. It is open exclusively to writers who have attended the Yale Writers’ Workshop. Submit manuscripts to

Yale Book Prize Submission Guidelines


Ø  Submit a cover letter in the body of your email with a brief bio. Include the Yale workshop you attended in 2024.

Ø  Manuscripts must be submitted as a MS Word file, double-spaced with numbered pages, set in a standard 12-point font such as Times New Roman, and must include a table of contents.

Ø  The author's name, mailing address, phone number, and email should appear on the first page of the manuscript.

Ø  Essays or stories collections should list if any work was previously published. Please list publications where the work first appeared.

Ø  Manuscripts should be book-length and complete. Book proposals or partial manuscripts will not be considered. Previously published work and manuscripts under contract elsewhere are ineligible.

Ø  Submit your work to

We endeavor to respond to all submissions as quickly as possible. Every submission will receive a personal reply. Please, allow thirty days before following up. Thank you for connecting with Woodhall Press.

If you are looking for information about our editorial services, please see click here for Wild Pine Editions

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