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Juliana Gray - Flash Nonfiction Funny survey responses

Fiction or Nonfiction?

My piece is the result of a decade-long immersive anthropological study. I am the Dian Fossey of Yankeeland.

Is it harder to write funny or sad?

I'm a poet, so sad is pretty much my bailiwick. Funny is much, much tougher.

Long form or short form?

Short. How do novelists do it? All that typing.

Poetry or prose?

Ah yes, the two genders.

Boxers or kickboxers?

In the poetry vs. prose grudge match, I'll take the kickboxers.

Piece that you read and said Wish I’d thought of that?

Helena De Bres's "Writing Advice to My Students that Would Also Have Been Good Sex Advice for My High-School Boyfriends." Every word is sheer perfection.

Cloned or frozen?

I assume this question is about futuristic margaritas, so I'll say frozen with pulverized motherboards on the rim.

Book you read and reread?

Andrew Hudgins's Ecstatic in the Poison and, for some reason, Jane Eyre.

When writing is going well…

The cat in my lap claws me for neglecting to pet him.

Desert Island Book?

Moby Dick. I love it, but haven't mustered the energy to reread it since grad school.

Juliana Gray is the author of three poetry collections, most recently Honeymoon Palsy (Measure Press 2017. Her creative nonfiction has appeared in Waccamaw, Cutbank, and other journals her humor writing has appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Belladonna, Splitsider, and other sites. An Alabama native, she lives in western New York and teaches at Alfred University. Her next reading/appearance will be at the Greensboro Bound book festival in Greensboro, NC on May 20.


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