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Judy Millar - Flash Nonfiction Funny survey responses

Is it harder to write funny or sad? Erma Bombeck said humor is harder, but she also said, “He who laughs, LASTS”… and at 17 cents a laugh, I’d say buying Flash Nonfiction Funny is cheaper than buying health insurance.

Fiction or Nonfiction? I focus on funny nonfiction now (life dishes out lots of laughs), but people still tell me the short stories in my book Beaver Bluff had them laughing out loud. You can’t fake a laugh. It’s all good.

Long form or short form? I write short. If my editor wants it longer, I just add a few etceteras.

Cloned or frozen? What kind of a question is that? Clones are people two!

Boxers or kickboxers? Well, boxers are loyal, easy to groom and seldom drool. Can you say that about Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Bio: Judy Millar is a Canadian writer, speaker and comedic storyteller. She's been published in Writers’ Digest (USA) and Reader’s Digest (Canada). She’s working on her second book—Millar Lite: A Comic Look at Life, Love, Sex and Survival. Judy entertains audiences with hilarious stories based on her life experiences—solo, and as part of the storytelling duo “WordChickz.” Say hi to @judymillar on Twitter or visit, or for videos and more.


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