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Jennifer Sager

1. When you hear the old shibboleth that “women don’t have a sense of humor” or are “less funny than men,” your immediate response is ____________.

"The men who say that are smart enough to know we are laughing at them, but not smart enough to keep up."

2. Were you funny as a kid? Were you funnier (or less funny) as teenager?

I was rarely intentionally funny as a child, but with my flair for the dramatic and insistence on being right, I imagine I must have been a rather hilarious little tyrant stomping around, bossing people around. During my teenage years, I was too sullen and aggrieved to be much fun, but was likely quite funny to those who knew I had next to nothing to be sullen or aggrieved about.

3. What’s the most notable way your life would be different if you didn’t have your sense of humor?

I would cry more and have far less fun without my sense of humor.