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Eileen Scully

1. When you hear the old shibboleth that “women don’t have a sense of humor” or are “less funny than men,” your immediate response is___________________.

"Would it be funnier if I farted?" Women are so much more nuanced in their humor than most men. We get each other, nothing else matters.

2. Were you funny as a kid? Were you funnier (or less funny) as teenager?

I think every little kid is hilarious, because they're not self conscious at all. I was probably more dorky than funny as a teen, but I was also incredibly self conscious. I think as your confidence grows, your humor also improves. So much good material comes from being able to honestly look at and laugh at yourself. No one is doing this better right now than John Mulaney.

3. What’s the most notable way your life would be different if you didn’t have your sense of humor?

People like to be around people who make them laugh. It's the best way to connect with strangers, and since I make my living a