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Caitlin Brady - Flash Nonfiction Funny survey responses

Fiction or Nonfiction?

Fiction. No idea what I'm doing in this collection.

Is it harder to write funny or sad?

Harder to write funny (sadly).

Long form or short form?

Short or short-ish.

Poetry or prose?

Love 'em both.

Boxers or kickboxers?

Long Johns.

Piece that you read and said: Wish I’d thought of that?

Clickhole's "This Man Lost His Entire Memory. Can You Explain to Him What Leather Is?"

Cloned or frozen?

My first thought was Dippin Dots. Do you mean plans for my body after death? Please don't turn me into space ice cream. That's all I ask.

Book you read and reread?

Pnin, by Vladimir Nabokov

When writing is going well…

I'm just nicer.

Desert Island Book?

The one I finally write and finish because I've been in total isolation, and which, as its sole reader, I give five-out-of-five desert island stars. "Way better than Crusoe!" I shout to no one.

Caitlin Brady is a writer from Texas whose work has appeared in McSweeney's Online Tendency, The Hairpin, and The Rumpus' Funny Women.

Instagram: @rieslingdreams


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