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Becca Van Horn - Flash Nonfiction Funny survey responses

Fiction or Nonfiction?

  • Fiction, please. People are so much more honest when they lie.

Is it harder to write funny or sad?

  • Any time I try to write sad it comes out sounding like a Sarah McLachlan cover.

Poetry or prose?

  • Why not cake and ice cream?

Boxers or kickboxers?

  • Knickerbockers.

Piece that you read and said Wish I’d thought of that?

  • Speaking of cake and ice cream: James Tate's "The Cowboy."

Cloned or frozen?

  • Cloned! My dog would always have a friend.

Book you read and reread?

  • I was a Cynthia Voigt girl. I could read about Dicey Tillerman for centuries.

When writing is going well…

  • I feel like maybe this is home. Like I really can dance.

Desert Island Book?

  • Crime and Punishment, because I would actually have to finish it.

Rebecca Van Horn has previously been published in Quarterly West, The Atticus Review, Moment Magazine, and Outlook Springs, among others. In 2016 she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She recently graduated with an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of New Hampshire.


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