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Andrew Hudgins - Flash Nonfiction Funny survey responses

Fiction or Nonfiction?

Yes, please.

Is it harder to write funny or sad?

Beats me, and both do beat me hard and often.

Long form or short form?

Yes, please!

Poetry or prose?

Yes, please, and second helpings of both.

Boxers or kickboxers?

Neither, thank you very much.

Piece that you read and said Wish I’d thought of that?

Ian Frazier’s “The Lamentations of the Father.”

Cloned or frozen?

Hand scooped, not soft serve unless soft serve is all you got.

Book you read and reread?

Sir Thomas Brown, Urn Burial.

When writing is going well…

It soon won’t.

Desert Island Book?

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Andrew Hudgins

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