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A Lady Newspaperman's Dilemma

Eileen Donovan

Based on actual events, this story is set in a newspaper office in Eastern Montana in 1926. A time when the American public was obsessed with newspaper horror stories of what most today would consider ordinary murders or other man-made catastrophes. Anything that could contribute to the roar of the Roaring 20’s was commercialized, became sensational news overnight, and newspaper fodder for many days thereafter. Hence, a flood that could destroy a town became a front-page event. More than anything, Alex wants to be a journalist for a major metropolitan newspaper. a field dominated my men. Harriet Quimby and Nellie Bly notwithstanding. Although she’s covered other front-page stories, including a murder of a much loved and respected rancher, this flood will affect everyone living in Sunset Valley, if they survive. When this life changing story falls into her lap, her editor threatens to assign it to a more seasoned male reporter, or maybe cover it himself. Alex becomes frustrated at being cast aside and is determined to hold on to her right to cover the breaking news. Her story will ring true to all women who have been passed over in favor of a male associate, those who didn’t give in and broke through the glass ceiling, and inspire women who are just getting their feet wet in their careers.

Eileen Donovan weaves a believable yarn based on historical events and societal expectations of the time. Women were expected to pursue domesticity or a career, but not both at the same time. Donovan writes in a straightforward style and engages readers with plenty of excitement throughout.

          - Ray Hosler for Readers’ Favorite


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About the Author

Eileen Joyce Donovan is an award-winning author whose debut historical novel, Promises, won the Marie M Irvine Award for Literary Excellence. She is also the author of short stories and essays for numerous anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Soul. Her work in magazine publishing and advertising helped hone her writing skills. She has taught college writing classes in Arizona, North Carolina, and New Jersey. She lives in Manhattan, New York.

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