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The Truth About Things That Suck

Mindy Henderson

The Truth About Things That Suck is a gift of hope and encouragement for people who are either working to overcome something, who have faced a challenge in the past that they haven’t been able to move on from, OR that will inspire and help prepare those who may not have an imminent challenge, but will inevitably face hard times in the future. Ultimately,The Truth About Things That Suck offers a positive light that shows people what’s possible. 


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"Ignorance leads directly away from bliss. In this book Henderson helps the reader navigate the important first step of realistically assessing the challenges in the present but without succumbing to apathy and cynicism. As she outlines in the book, it is only by recognizing that we are not alone and by having hope that our behavior will eventually matter will we find a viable and positive path forward."   

Shawn Achor
NY Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential

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About the Author

Mindy Henderson gave her first speech at the age of four as the Texas State Poster Child for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Mindy later earned a master's degree and worked corporate jobs in high-tech for 20 years, advancing steadily up the corporate ladder.


Since then, Mindy has pivoted from her full-time work in the high-tech corporate world to building a platform as a motivational speaker, where she shares her message and the tools she has acquired to help her overcome not only her disability, but recovery from two devastating automobile accidents and job losses and more. Mindy currently resides in Austin, Texas, and her podcast "The Truth About Things That Suck" continues to inspire audiences everywhere to overcome their limitations.

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