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In 1944, Oakwood's town council is desperate to save their young men from being lost to the devastation of the far-reaching effects of WWII, and as such make the unconscionable decision to make an evil deal with an agent of the devil in order to protect their own children, town's citizens and peaceful way of life.

Little does journalism student Jim Norton know that his decision to write an article on the peaceful town of Oakwood, that seems to have been able to have escaped the pitfalls of progress for his school paper in 1984, will lead him down the treacherous rabbit hole that just might end with his demise.

The Town that Time Forgot

  • Elizabeth Donley-Leer is a Texas born, California raised grandmother. Writing has been a lifelong passion of Elizabeth's. Elizabeth earned a degree in writing, editing, and publishing for children and young adults from the Institute of Children's Literature. Additionally, she has written and self-published two children's books (The Fish Who Wanted to Fly, and Passing Ships Are Not Always Quiet), been a reviewer for the 2012 Denver Film Festival, and is a published poet. Retired, she continues to pursue her passion for writing from her cozy country home in Munford, Alabama.

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