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Across a Vast Distance or 5.9 Billion Kilometers or the Equivalent of 39.5 Astronomical Units…

At Mercury, the massive solar satellite Heliopolis and its heroic station commander battle both renegades and enemies from within to steer the course of humanity’s future. On Earth, one man and his giant robot alter ego stand alone against the overwhelming onslaught of ruthless alien invaders. Jupiter’s malevolent red eye scrutinizes the approach of an unsuspecting scientific expedition, while a journey to the seventh planet heals shattered hearts. A reporter uncovers terrifying truths about terraformation plans for Mars. Miners in the asteroid belt harvest something other than precious metals—a strange substance not only dangerous but seeking human blood. Saturn and the ongoing conflict between pioneers and pirates tests the resolve of a disillusioned patrol captain, and, at the outermost limits, a clone learns an unexpected truth about the value of family during a night without end. 

These are only some of the wonders and adventures to be experienced from Sol to Pluto within The Solar System.

The Solar System

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