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Bold, Brave, and Breathless: Reveling in Childhood's Splendiferous Glories While Facing Disability and Loss


After a normal pregnancy, Margaret Moore's parents Anne and Terrence were shocked when Margaret, nicknamed Meg, came home with a physical disability Cerebral Palsy and permanent dependence on others for help with feeding, dressing, hygiene, and transfers to and from her wheelchair and walker. A speech impediment caused her to rely on a communication device.

Along with having Meg's brothers, Sean and Brian, Terrence had already been diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer, which later took his life. Raising the kids on her own, Anne taught Meg, Brian, and Sean to persevere and to reach their ambitions. This book follows Meg from birth through graduation. Meg narrates her experiences of pursuing regular education and activities such as Girl Scouts, soccer, ice-skating, and snow tubing despite her physical limitations. She delves into the challenges that often comes with seeking inclusion and acceptance, but she also highlights the joyous—and often hilarious—adventures of her childhood. The story of Meg Moore and her family is meant to make you ponder how you, too, can reach your wildest ambitions and how your inner strength is one of the greatest factors enabling you to do so.


Bold, Brave and Breathless is now on AWP's bookshelf: 

Bold, Brave, and Breathless

  • Margaret Anne Mary Moore is a summer 2022 graduate of Fairfield University's Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program, where she earned a degree in creative nonfiction and poetry. A 2020 magna cum laude graduate, she holds a Bachelor's degree in English/Creative Writing from Fairfield University. Margaret is an editor and the marketing coordinator at Woodhall Press and also works as an ambassador for PRC-Saltillo. She has been featured on NBC Connecticut and WFSB News and delivers presentations at national and international writing conferences. Margaret lives in Middlebury, Connecticut.

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