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Twenty-one-year-old Nina is determined to make it in New York City. She searches for work as an actress and hopes to find love but can’t seem to land a big break with either. After a promising relationship with a celebrity crashes, she decides to move across the country with a man she has just met, when suddenly her life spirals down a dark and dangerous path.

"A cautionary tale for young women who simply want to believe, and at the same time, a strong story of self-discovery along with learning what love really means. I am sure that Nina’s journey will resonate with young women everywhere, who want to follow their dreams, but don’t understand how to do it. Nina Panicucci is a great guide into growing up, and I look forward to further tales of her life in the big city."

Scott Rosenfelt, Producer, Mystic Pizza, Home Alone, Teen Wolf

Pulling at the Stars

  • ISBN: 9781949116144

    Page Count: 224

    Dimensions: ‎6 x 0.56 x 9 inches


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