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Since the loss of his family as a teenager, Steven's life has never been simple, or easy. Why did he think that joining the Army to avoid responsibility and becoming a sniper would somehow change everything? Running from your problems is never the right thing to do. Steven has made a life of running. But now, at the end of his military career, all his life's issues have finally come to roost.


While lining up his final shot, through a collection of memories, Steven ponders how he got to be where he is right now. He weighs the cost, that he had been willing to pay against what he actually paid for the life that he calls his own. It is a train of thought that thousands, if not millions of soldiers around the world have thought. He recalls those who lost their lives for him and how many lives he had taken since. Somehow, the ledger balance is not adding up. What does he do now?

One Soldier's Minute

  • Teresa Shafer, the child of multiple generations of American Combat Veterans dating back to the Revolutionary War and including every major war for the past 300 years, has finally written a book about a soldier. She has spent the last 20 years working with soldiers and learning what motivates them and what makes them do what they do. One of her previous books was used to help fund some legislative changes to child abuse laws in the State of Nevada. This book is one of thirteen other titles. Teresa currently resides in Reno, Nevada where she continues to work with soldiers on a daily basis.

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