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Life After Love is a story of letting go, moving on, the people you meet along the way, and above all trusting in the timing.


Kate Covington thinks she wants some steamy sex. Inside, she's scared - she recently lost her husband of 20 years, her only lover.


Luca Bell' Angelo is as sexy and as charming as they come, and much younger than Kate. Inside, he's afraid to be in love, his recent breakup just another in a long string of failed relationships.


Is he too much for her, or is he just what she needs? Can she help him find the love he yearns for? Fate brings the two of them together and takes them on a roller coaster ride of physical pleasure and emotional transformation.

Life After Love

  • Lorraine Cover, a fan of all things romance, includes steamy sex in her debut novel, Life After Love. Having re-invented herself many times, Lorraine learned what it means to thrive in the life you have, not bemoaning the one you thought you were supposed to have. In addition to writing, Lorraine loves ballroom dancing, traveling around Italy and cooking. She was a finalist in the When Words Count Manuscript Contest in 2022. Lorraine lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and dog and is currently working on short stories as well as the sequel to Life After Love.

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