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Can a monster choose to be good?


That's the question facing Kyra Anastas. With snakes for hair and a gaze that turns men to stone, Kyra is a modern-day Medusa, making a living in Chicago as a hitwoman for hire. Feared and hated even by her fellow Mythic, she lives a solitary and bitter existence until a dying millionaire asks Kyra to protect her daughter from supernatural dangers. Eager to be more than just a dealer of death, Kyra takes the job. But the road to redemption will force Kyra to face all her demons—not just the monsters chasing them across the Windy City, but also the horrors that haunt her own evil past.

Heart of Stone

  • David W. Burns began writing fiction when he was six years old, penning the tragic exploits of The Foolish Frog to amuse his mother. Since then, he has written several fantasy short stories, including one which won the 14th Annual Writers Digest Popular Fiction Awards Grand Prize, as well as a six-book series about humanity's last refuge against an apocalyptic vampire plague. By day (and some evenings) a trial attorney, David has spent years honing his story-telling skills before juries. He lives in Marlton, New Jersey with his kind and very patient wife and three children.

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