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Exhausted from bottling up your emotions, fears, and truths?


Let it out.


Internalizing that stuff is keeping you mentally, physically, and spiritually unhealthy. Reserve quiet time to use this journal as your safe space to get in touch with what you feel, who you are, and what you want from life—you'll thank yourself. This journal—along with the book Fulfilled: 52 Prescriptions for Healing, Health, and Happiness—is essential on your journey to live your life in harmony and become your most optimal You!


Does journaling really work? Yes! The science is solid. Study upon study proves journaling reduces stress and can deepen self-discovery. By writing for just 15 minutes for three days a week, you'll increase your overall feelings of wellbeing.

Fulfilled the Journal

  • Bernadette Anderson, MD, MPH is a well-loved and highly regarded medical expert, thought-leader, and visionary as well as the creator of Life in Harmony, an innovative and action-oriented approach to intentional wellbeing. During her 20+ years in healthcare, she devoted herself to developing principles and educating people about health and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Bernadette is also a regular contributor to prominent online magazines and news communities such as Essence, The Grio, USA Today, and Fatherly. Plus, she is a freelance writer for GoodRx. She is an active member and contributor in her hometown of Columbus, OH where she is an inspirational speaker, group coach, conference leader and speaker.

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