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The sole intention of this introduction is for you to read this book. Nothing more, nothing less.

Let’s be honest, who wants to drudge through the hard stuff? I didn’t. I am still not a fan of the process. But, here is the thing, there is no way around it other than denial. And, that likely won’t end well. I tried it. Now I am the author of a self-help book, so go figure. My life lessons are sprawled over the pages so you can live full of purpose too.

It wasn’t romance that swept me off my feet. It was heartaches, challenges, and unpleasant experiences that caused me to lose my footing. I staggered in circles tripping over life until it was crystal clear, I couldn’t escape the parts of my story that I didn’t like. I had to heal from them. That may not have been what you wanted to read. Perhaps you were wishing the ugly parts of your story would simply go away. They likely won’t. Not without you aligning the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Life isn’t smooth sailing, nor is that a realistic expectation. But, the waters became less choppy when I acknowledged my father’s neglect, admitted I was estranged from my own life, stopped using a fork to do my heavy lifting. And, I released the pain of not being a biological mother. It was as if I had taken the breath necessary for my heart to beat again. Your turn.     

I said it earlier, I want you to read this book. Also, be engaged. Why? The obvious reason is that I’ve poured my soul and energy into it. But more so because, in some shape or form, healing, health, and happiness are on everyone’s wish list. Well, health and happiness are, but they lie in wait of healing. This book is your action plan to make the life you daydream about, the one that makes every fiber of your being leap, be the one that you live!


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