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Three great Flash Nonfiction and micro-memoir sent as a single order. Nonwhite and Woman  was an IPPY Silver Medalwinner in 2023;  Flash Nonfiction Funny is a rollicking collection edited by Tom Hazuka & Dinty Moore; 2023's Fast Fallen Women was edited by New York Times Best-Selling author Gina Barreca. 

Flash Book Club

  • 131 Stunning and Evocative Voices Come Together in Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World

    Editors Darien Hsu Gee and Carla Crujido bring together 131 personal narrativeswritten by established and emerging women of color. In 300 words or less, these true stories speak to otherness, familial relationships, impossible beauty standards, ancestral heritage, coming of age, and owning one's place in the world. This singular collection, inspired by Lucille Clifton's luminous poem, won't you celebrate with me, sings to the beauty of how these women live and thrive in the world, and how they make their lives their own. 2023 IPPY Award winner (Silver) for Adult Multicultural Nonfiction.

    Memoir. Confession. Humor. Lived-experience. Intimate Revelations. Professional Discoveries. Survival. Pleasure. Triumph.

    Fast Fallen Women introduces 75 new essays about the dangerous and enthralling ways women fall—and how we get back on our feet, more deft, more decisive, and daring than ever. Holding a compact mirror up to life with the same curiosity that enveloped Eve when she once held the apple, editor Gina Barreca’s latest inclusive collection of short, sharp, feminist pieces illuminate women’s courage, curiosity, and wit.

    Flash Nonfiction FunnyFrom Dinty W. Moore, founding editor of the popular journal Brevity and prolific and pioneering author of several books of creative nonfiction, including Between Panic and Desire, Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy, and Crafting the Personal Essay, and Tom Hazuka, editor of the anthology Flash Fiction Funny, comes a new book that will make you laugh out loud in 750 words or less! Flash Nonfiction Funny explores the exploding form of very short creative writing and offers an accessible anthology that’s perfect for individual entertainment or in a classroom setting. Teachers are increasingly embracing the very short form because it lets them use brief pieces to illustrate various styles and structures. The anthology includes work from both new and established writers from all over the world. It’s like they always say: It’s funny because it’s true!

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