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Through four weeks of daily meditations, Finding God Abiding identifies movements that run like threads through the story of our lives. We awaken to the world around us, discover and rediscover our path, practice love in its many forms, and grieve the loss of much that we hold dear. Gazing too closely at the tangled strands and frayed knots of our false starts and failures, often we see just the back of the tapestry, and one square inch at a time. Only God beholds it whole: not a random collection of short stories, but one great narrative of grace at work. Drawing on the author’s thirty years in ministry and her Jesuit education, each meditation contains a true story, a nugget of spiritual insight, thought-provoking questions, and a memorable Scripture quote. The recollections are simple: biting into a juicy peach; mending a broken pipe; weeping over a parent’s death. These common experiences invite the reader to consider their own story and discover there the God who abides as the one constant in a life marked by ceaseless change.

Finding God Abiding

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