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How far would you go to save the first love of your life?


Ten years ago on an August night, Steve Ranley crashed his ride into a tree near the Old Coach Conservation Woods, taking a big part of Oliver Canfield’s soul with him. Time doesn’t heal all wounds—in Oliver’s case, it opens them to bleed anew. In the decade since, Oliver and Bradley MacIntyre have built a successful life together, but their relationship has always been haunted by Steve’s death. During that lost summer, Oliver and Steve shared love in secret, and as the dark anniversary looms, Oliver unravels. Seeing ghosts, he is drawn to the malevolent oak that still bears the scars from Steve’s impact.


On August 30, at the exact instant Steve died, Oliver is thrust back counterclockwise in time to that other summer, before Steve’s accident. Using his second chance, Oliver vows to alter the events leading to the tragedy. He reunites with Steve, only history doesn’t follow the exact course as he remembers it, and circumstances lead to him meeting Bradley years before he was meant to. With the days running out and Oliver trapped between his promise to rescue Steve Ranley and his renewed love for Bradley, his corrupting of established time could save the first love of his life while dooming the second.

Ex Marks the Spot

  • ISBN: 9781949116519

    Page Count: 176

    Dimensions: ‎6 x 0.44 x 9 inches

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