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Marie Harper is a young mother of six-month-old Heather who was created during a brutal rape. Living in the Pacific Northwest near the ocean, working for a local tribal doctor's office, Marie has created a safe life for the two of them. One rainy night a car crash changes that. Marie is killed in the crash. Finding herself standing outside the wreck she observes the spirit of Jessica, the woman from the other vehicle, vanish in a beam of light. When Marie hears the paramedics trying to resuscitate Jessica's body, she begs the universe for a chance to live as Jessica so she can continue to parent Heather. She wakes in the hospital as Jessica, but with none of her memories. Standing at the foot of her bed is Jessica's husband... a man Marie recognizes as the rapist. She realizes she is trapped in a marriage to a man she knows nothing about, other than this one horrendous detail – and begins to wonder if the crash was indeed an accident. As Detective Rod Kills On Top begins his investigation he uncovers details from a serial killer case he has been working on that make him fear for Jessica's safety.

Dying For A second Chance

  • Jenn Chapman grew up with a mother who was abusive physically and emotionally, and later in life was diagnosed as a psychopath. Jenn drew on experiences with a husband who had a serious personality/character disorder to create the serial killer character in this thriller. Jenn is a retired educator who spent several years during her teaching career working with indigenous populations in Washington State and North Dakota. She currently lives in Georgetown, Kentucky, where she is writing a second novel, Reservation Stories.

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