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In this powerful debut, Rebecca Dimyan details her experience with endometriosis, a chronic disease which effects one in ten women worldwide. This painful condition takes an average of seven years to be diagnosed and has no proven cure. Most women will undergo multiple surgeries, take countless painkillers and other drugs, and will still endure regular pain and other complications. With honesty, vulnerability, and sometimes humor, Dimyan explores the ways the condition has impacted her experiences, her body, her pain, and her joy. She takes her audience on an emotional journey through her teenage years, early twenties, and into her thirties as she becomes a professional woman, wife, and mother. 

Dimyan blends research, anecdotes, and advice as she shares the relief she’s found through alternative treatments and holistic medicine. Chronic isn’t just a story about one woman’s illness—it is a memoir about all the pain, pleasure, heartbreak, friendship, love, and hope she experiences on her path to healing.


  • CHRONIC is the recipient of a Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Award for Alternative Medicine.

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