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The world of pro wrestling is about to change. Eric "Jiggolo" Johnson can sense it, but he's already on his way out. On the way to what he expects will be one of his last big shows, he and the wrestlers he's traveling with come into conflict with a family of meth dealers in rural West Virginia. Suddenly Eric and the others find themselves held captive on a farm, unsure of what will happen and desperate to escape. As they are forced, one by one, to contend with just how tough they actually are, one man may be their last hope.


Brick Lamar, current company champion, is sent to find Eric and the others when they go missing. The former Marine is their best chance for survival, if he can find them. Can Brick get to Eric before it's too late? The sun sets early in the hollers of West Virginia, and the darkness waits for no man.

Blood in the Holler

  • David Sangiao-Parga has been a pro wrestling "mark" since he was a small boy. He's been to live shows, met a wide variety of the performers (From Jerry Lawler to Ric Flair to Mick Foley and John Cena), and is widely read on the ins and outs of the industry. He's also a child of the Midwest, and has spent a great deal of time in towns just like Chimney Corner throughout his life. He is a graduate of the MFA program in creative writing from Florida International University, and currently lives with his wife and four children in Davie, Florida.

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