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If you knew how your life was going to end would you live it the same way? A conversation with God during a near death experience at eight years old led to American Pastime, an American parable about conversation.


Adam is a writer who is having a conversation with God at a baseball stadium in NYC the Bronx. God chooses Adam because his stream of consciousness since childhood has been heavy on commentary about American life connected to love. God narrates Adam’s baseball field of life. Rounding first, second, and third then heading for home … we watch Adam’s life: past, present, and future unfold like a “A Christmas Carol” and “Field of Dreams.” God is always in on things as he sees and hears everything but now the two sit side-by-side at the baseball game. Their conversation covers capitalism, culture, religion, art, science, technology, and violent school shootings on the rise.


The art of conversation is in danger of being lost but, now more than ever we need to use our American Pastime to bring it back, device-to-device, and ask... “What is love?” The art of conversation leads to understanding, leads to empathy, leads to love.

American Pastime

  • ISBN: 9781949116793

    Page Count: 161

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

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