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A dead girl, dressed in a tattered, mermaid costume and a harpoon jutting from her chest, washes ashore on a world-renowned beach in Florida bringing with it a nightmare of evil the City of Sarasota has never known. Chief Homicide Detective Miranda Morales, recently returned from a forced, yearlong sabbatical, leads the investigation that rocks the sedate, arts and cultural mecca of the snowbirds who flock to the region in their lavish yachts and private jets, as well as the locals who resent the intrusion. When she and her devoted partner, Detective Matt Selva, arrive at the crime scene, the image of the dead girl transports her back to a time when she and her sister, as young children, would dress up like mermaids at their family’s posh home on Longboat Key, and opens painful memories of her sister’s decade-old suicide. Another old wound tears open when she gets an invitation to a cocktail party hosted by her estranged parents, honoring the man she had hoped would propose to her, but instead, dumps her during an intimate dinner celebrating their graduation from university. Torn between duty and denial, she reluctantly attends the party. That decision catapults her into a world where people, unmasked, reveal a sordid underbelly of greed, power, obsession, and inhumanity, too close to home, unraveling a tapestry where all that glitters turns toxic, and deadly.

A Deadly Mermaid Fetish

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