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A Perfect Facebook Life

A.J. O'Connell

Welcome to A.J. O’Connell’s A Perfect Facebook Life (but not her real one): a collection of poems, micro-fiction, and very short plays that started their lives as statuses. No, really. Explore the problem with small-town Facebook groups, how it feels to get to an age when you’ve got a Paying Taxes playlist on Spotify, and what it means to be the #WorldsOkayestMom with this short, funny take on modern domestic life.

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"These vignettes are as relatable as they are distinctly O'Connell: a chicken-tending, sci-fi reading, family-loving, funny feminist trying to make it out of the house with her pants on, or better yet, a pocketed skirt. She is the Facebook friend you've always wanted."

— Alena Dillon, author of Mercy House and My Body Is A Big Fat Temple.


—  Name, Title

About the Author

A.J. O’Connell joined social media back in the mid-‘90s, when she barely had a real-life human adult identity for herself. Since her first cringy forays into chatrooms, she’s been on AIM, Friendster, MySpace, blogged, tweeted, has been on the ‘gram, and, obviously, Facebook. (She doesn’t get TikTok, don’t @ her.) She writes things in real life, too. She’s a freelance journalist and marketing writer, and her two novellas, Beware the Hawk and The Eagle & The Arrow, were published by VBP Press. A.J. lives in Connecticut with her family and entirely too many pets.

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