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Mentoring Teenage Heroes:

The Hero's Journey of Adolescence

Matthew P. Winkler

Matthew P. Winkler's viral TED-Ed lesson "What Makes a Hero?" introduced the Hero's Journey to millions of viewers. His debut book guides parents, teachers, coaches, and other adults toward a fresh understanding of adolescence as a heroic quest - a rite of passage as old as the ancient myths that metaphorically describe it. Those myths echo through contemporary books and movies and the real-world experience of growing up. For most adults, daily life is a routine grind. For teenagers, it’s an epic struggle for identity.

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“A beautiful synthesis of coming of age struggles from literature and real life. A must read for parents and teachers, this is a treasured book in my library.”


—Da Chen, The New York Times bestselling author of Colors of the Mountain


“By reflecting adolescent psychology through the mirror of storytelling, Mentoring Teenage Heroes reveals the inner lives of teenagers.”


—Erin Olivo, Ph.D., MPH, Columbia University, author of Wise Mind Living: Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Life


About the Author

Matthew P. Winkler has taught and mentored teenagers at middle schools, high schools, and colleges in New York, New England, China, and Japan. His passion for education has propelled him twice around the world and through all fifty states. He currently serves as the Visiting Writer at South Kent School in Connecticut. He gives presentations and leads workshops related to his TED-Ed video "What Makes a Hero?" and his book Mentoring Teenage Heroes: The Hero's Journey of Adolescence.

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