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Let My Legacy Be Love

Christina Beauchemin

Let My Legacy Be Love is an intimate exploration of one woman's experiences as she digs in to understand the events that shaped her. Marrying her love of storytelling and her passion for NeuroLinguistics Programming (NLP), Beauchemin demonstrates the remarkable power of examining old stories as a path to reveal a new perspective and greater truth. By identifying and turning around feelings of inadequacy that were deeply–and unconsciously—rooted in her past, she gained insights that changed her life. Digging into a long-loved memory of bending over a cluster of yellow flowers allowed her to pinpoint the exact moment of deciding to see only the good in other people. Revisiting her first communion brought clarity on her life-long distrust of organized religion. Each discovery shared is insightful, uplifting, and offered as a preparation for you to begin unraveling the source of your own inner critic. Beauchemin's honestly and authentically told stories range from laugh-out-loud funny to heartbreakingly sad. The included "worthbook" offers a roadmap to life-changing self-love.

“By chronicling past difficulties and revealing ‘discoveries’ that came later, this impactful memoir will help any reader struggling with self-confidence.”


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About the Author

Christina Beauchemin is a speaker, author, and educator on the topic of creating a life you love. She was featured in Ready, Set, Live, Empowering Strategies for an Enlightened Life with New York Times best-selling authors Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray-Attwood, and Chris Attwood. She is also known for her corporate Breakthrough programs and her I Love My Life challenge programs. She is a frequent podcast guest and an avid blogger. Beauchemin lives in Malden Bridge, New York, with her best friend, Rick Beauchemin, where together they created the Let My Legacy Be Love "Whole"-istic Wellness Center.

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