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Language of Bodies

Suzanne DeWitt Hall

Maddie Wells’ life spirals out of control after the murder of her wife Char, a transgender woman of color. Hunger for revenge drives Maddie to take a job at a wax museum near the murderer's hometown, where she studies revenge and plots how to strike back. Befriending the murderer’s wife is the first stage in Maddie’s plan to make him pay. The Language of Bodies probes the seduction of vengeance using vivid, sensual imagery to explore how love transcends the particulars of body parts, and how revenge blurs the line between victim and perpetrator, hero and villain. It’s a gorgeous, dark tale about the enduring power of love, and the human spirit’s unwillingness to give up.

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"Brimming with passion, dark, and immersive. Even as Maddie Wells edged closer to becoming the monster who murdered her beloved wife, I couldn’t stop rooting for Maddie and hoping she’d refocus her grief. The Language of Bodies dares to mine the recesses of the human mind and the paper-thin boundary between obsessive love and madness. What a wild ride!”

-Lorrie Thomson, award-winning author of A Measure of Happiness, What’s Left Behind, and Equilibrium

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About the Author

Suzanne Dewitt Hall is the author of the Where True Love Is LGBQI+ devotional series, and the Rumplepimple adventures. She's been a contributor for the Huffington Post, Impact Magazine, and Cognoscenti. Honors include being awarded the 2019 LGBTQ+ Writer Scholarship for Grub Street’s Muse and the Marketplace conference, and named Author of the Month for February 2019 by LGBTQ Reader (@books_gay) on Twitter. Suzanne lives in the Midwest with her spouse, two naughty terriers, a cat named Chicken, and a large collection of vintage cookbooks.

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