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The Devil Hound

Franklin E. Lemca

How do you stay alive when everybody wants you dead?

The Devil Hound, set in mid-eighteen century Europe and the Americas, as an evil priest dedicates his life to destroying two innocent Romani (Gypsy) brothers because of their ethnic origin and because they are witnesses to his hideous crimes. 

Empowered by their inheritance from the circus owner, the brothers manage to board a ship bound for the New World to search for their mother. They arrive in 1753 with the priest hot on their heels as France and England prepare to extend their European struggle to the Colonies.

This riveting story will bring old Europe and Colonial America to life

—  Name, Title

About the Author

Franklin Lamca, an author and puppeteer, is dedicated to promoting human rights from a Christian perspective. A victim of child abuse and social type-casting, he spent three years in Europe performing marionette plays where he witnessed the aftermath of the Holocaust and the modern-day persecution of the Romani (Gypsies). Franklin believes the world must change and not forget; his mission is to bring awareness to child abuse, religious persecution, and social discrimination. He lives summers in Bedford, Pennsylvania, and winters near Phoenix, Arizona.

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