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About the Editors

Rosemary Winslow is a writer, researcher, and teacher. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband, John Winslow, a visual artist.  

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Catherine Lee is a former journalist and PR professional, who currently freelances as a writer across various platforms. She lives with her husband in Washington, DC. They have three children and a grandson.

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Now Available!

Deep Beauty

Experiencing Wonder When the World Is On Fire

Rosemary Winslow and Catherine Lee

As our global discourse continues to be dominated by border walls, white nationalism, sexual assault, and autocratic leaders, many of us find our basic human values under constant attack. Deep Beauty is one collective attempt to counteract this discourse. The essays presented herein offer curious and thoughtful inquiries into experiences of wonder and beauty through the eyes of a diverse group of beholders, at a time when such considerations are often lacking from public discourse. These writers help create an emotional and psychological space for us to meditate on how peace, safety, compassion, and dignity are integral to a fulfilled and fulfilling life. These essays examine beauty from a number of different perspectives, including the arts, culture and counter-culture, the physical world (from our individual bodies to our embattled planet), successes and failures, remoteness, and spirituality. This collection is perfect for students of writing and philosophy—and for anybody who needs a moment of respite from the chaos exploding in the world around us. Learn more at

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