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Brooke Adams Law

Who would you be without your memory?

When Katherine Keene is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her four grown children must grapple with how to care for her - and how to remake their relationships with each other. 

And then there’s the secret that threatens their family’s very identity. Will the Keenes find healing and reconciliation - or implode from within?

Catchlight is the winner of the 2019 Fairfield Book Prize.

Catchlight is listed among Kirkus' Best Indie Books of 2020.

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"Brooke Adams Law’s Catchlight is a beautiful, moving novel of a family in transition, struggling with loss and disease and addiction, but also with new possibilities for redemption and renewal and love. Law steadily draws the reader in to the complex and closely observed emotional ties that bind brothers and sisters together, as well as those that keep them separate. She asks us whether we can find joy in the midst of grief, and whether we can make art out of pain, and then she shows us how that is done."

-Phil Klay, author, Redeployment, 2014 National Book Award Winner, Fiction

"A trifecta of memorable players, convincing storytelling, and well-honed prose."


- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

About the Author

Brooke Adams Law is a writer, writing teacher, and retreat leader. Based in Connecticut, she leads online workshops for writers from around the world. Catchlight is her debut novel. You can learn more about her work and connect with her at her website,

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