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Catastrophe Theory

Rebecca Lowry Warchut

Due to a rare brain tumor, Vera Garcia’s soccer career is suddenly sidelined at the start of her senior year. When her single mother Eliza, terrified at the thought of losing her only daughter, clings too tightly, both Vera’s identity and her freedom are in jeopardy. They make it to St. Petersburg, Florida for surgery, just as Hurricane Phoenix’s trajectory turns directly toward them. As it churns closer and closer, past and present collide in a whirlwind of love, betrayal, and illusion. Will they succumb to loss, or like the phoenix, reinvent themselves, rewrite their stories, and rise anew?

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"From Surrealism, to the history of the banyan tree, to extreme storms, Catastrophe Theory instantly captivates the reader and keeps her hooked until the last page."  

- Chandra Prasad, author of Mercury Boys and Damselfly

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About the Author

Rebecca Lowry Warchut brings characters and stories to life. For almost two decades, she’s done this in the classroom and on the stage, and now she does it again in her debut novel Catastrophe Theory, inspired by the Dali museums in Florida and Spain. An alumni of Wake Forest University, Teach for America, and Bank Street College of Education, she currently teaches writing and social studies in Simsbury, Connecticut. She nurtures young voices by serving on the 2022  Girls Write Now Anthology Editorial Committee and running a NaNoWriMo Club. Rebecca lives in West Hartford, Connecticut.

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