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But Cats Don't Talk

Lynne Heinzmann

But Cats Don’t Talk is a young adult novel that combines elements of romance, tragedy, classical music, auditory hallucinations, a reinterpretation of “family,” and dogged determination. It is the inspiring story of Rebecca O’Sullivan, a 17-year-old prodigy who has everything going for her: a promising career as a classical pianist, a supportive mother/piano teacher/manager, and a loving pet, Beethoven the Cat (BC), who accompanies her everywhere, even to her concerts where he wears a bowtie and sleeps atop her grand piano while she performs. Becca relies on her mother for practically everything, so when her mom dies suddenly, Becca finds herself ill-equipped to take care of herself or to perform her remaining concerts that season. To make matters worse, BC starts talking to her—becoming snarkier by the moment—and convinces Becca she is losing her mind. Even with the help of Cassie, her alcoholic aunt, Dak, her new friend/boyfriend, and Mrs. Fox, her honorary grandmother, Becca is afraid she won’t be able to hold it together long enough to perform the last two concerts. And even if she does, she has no idea what she is going to do after the concerts are over.

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About the Author

After retiring from a career as an architect, Lynne obtained a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. Upon graduation, she became a full-time author, book coach, editor, and educator. She has taught writing classes at the University of Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Community College, as well as for creative writing centers such as GrubStreet: Providence. Her first novel, a work of historical fiction entitled Frozen Voices, won the Fairfield Book Prize and was published by New Rivers Press in 2016. Lynne’s second book, Wanton at the Lighthouse, published by Woodhall Press in 2019, contains true-life stories of a boy who lived at Newport’s Rose Island Lighthouse in the early Twentieth Century. The Island Adventures of Paul Stedman, her third book and the second book of the Rose Island Lighthouse Series was published by Woodhall Press in May 2021, and contains tales of a boy who lived in the lighthouse in the 1930s. Lynne has also authored many journalistic articles for South County (RI)Living Magazine, written travel stories for Rhode Island Home, Living, and Design Magazine, authored a construction piece for Fine Homebuilding Magazine, and contributed a faith-based story to Guideposts Magazine. She is currently writing a young adult novel about a ballerina, and loves working as a book coach and editor with other authors, helping them realize their dreams of writing books. She lives with her family in beautiful Rhode Island.


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