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Flash Nonfiction Funny Coming in March!

Flash Nonfiction Funny:

71 very Humorous, Very True, Very Short Stories

From Dinty W. Moore, founding editor of the popular journal Brevity and prolific and pioneering author of several books of creative nonfiction, including Between Panic and Desire, Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy, and Crafting the Personal Essay, and Tom Hazuka, editor of the anthology Flash Fiction Funny, comes a new book that will make you laugh out loud in 750 words or less! Funny Flash (non)Fiction explores the exploding form of very short creative writing and offers an accessible anthology that’s perfect for individual entertainment or in a classroom setting. Teachers are increasingly embracing the very short form because it lets them use brief pieces to illustrate various styles and structures. The anthology will include work from both new and established writers from all over the U.S. It’s like they always say: It’s funny because it’s true!

Dinty W. Moore has been published in The Southern Review, The Georgia Review, Harpers, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Gettysburg Review, Utne Reader, Crazyhorse, and Okey-Panky, among numerous other venues.

​Dinty lives in Athens, Ohio, where he grows his own heirloom tomatoes and edible dandelions, and teaches a crop of brilliant undergraduate and stunningly talented graduate students as director of Ohio University’s BA, MA, and PhD in Creative Writing program.

Tom Hazuka published over fifty short stories and three novels: The Road to the Island, In the City of the Disappeared, and Last Chance for First, as well as a book of nonfiction, A Method to March Madness: An Insider’s Look at the Final Four (co-written with former Central Connecticut State University Athletics Director C.J. Jones). A former editor of Quarterly West magazine at the University of Utah, he has edited or co-edited six anthologies of short stories: Flash Fiction; Sudden Flash Youth; Flash Fiction Funny; You Have Time for This; A Celestial Omnibus; and Best American Flash Fiction of the 21st Century (Shanghai, China).

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