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Murdered in 1925, Katy Watkins, an eighteen-year-old debutante, finds herself near a worn-down red cabin. She doesn’t know where she is, so she heads home and discovers two strangely dressed girls in her bedroom window. When her memory does return, a demon hunts her—this demon is her killer. Confusion sets in and she walks continuously in the woods trying desperately to get home, stuck in a loop for ninety years until she meets Lila and Rose.

Sixteen-year-old, bipolar Lila has disappointed her family over and over. It was hard for Lila to cope after her father’s suicide, which soon forced Lila, her mom, and her fifteen-year-old sister, Rose, to live with their aunt and uncle in Parkville, Missouri. Complaints of boredom fade when they discover a ghost tied to an old murder mystery, and Rose begins to film a documentary at a nearby cabin.

Rose is possessed by Katy, which makes her sick, close to death. In order to save Rose’s life, Lila and Rose help Katy uncover the truth regarding her murder: she was murdered by her sister, not her fiancé as they first suspected. After Katy forgives her sister, Katy crosses over. Katy’s sister cannot forgive Katy so she remains a demon wandering in her hell forever. Lila and Rose see their deceased father when Katy crosses, and they forgive him as well, freeing him from his prison.

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