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Patient 71

Julie Randall

A bestselling true story of resilience, tenacity and a promise that fueled one woman's fight for life.

Four days after her fiftieth birthday celebrations, Julie Randall suffered a very sudden and severe seizure at work. Out of the blue she went from fit, healthy, fun-loving wife and mother of two, to not knowing what had happened. Or why.

Rushed to hospital by ambulance, it was discovered Julie had a malignant brain tumor. Diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Advanced Melanoma, she was told to get her affairs in order because she didn't have long to live.

After getting over the initial shock, Julie fought off the fear and started searching for hope. She found an American experimental drug trial, but was told there was only room for 70 patients and the numbers were full. Julie had promised her teenage daughters that she would find a way to 'fix it' so she refused to take no for an answer. Her tenacity paid off and she flew to Oregon and the Providence Cancer Center. She became PATIENT 71.

Not everyone survives a cancer diagnosis. Julie is one of the lucky ones. She discovered that when you push the boundaries, refuse to give up and never lose sight of your goal... extraordinary things can happen.

"I could not put this book down.  Julie's story is uplifting, inspiring and a really rewarding read. This is a love story not just of one woman's love for her family, but of her love for life."

- Samantha Marlow


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About the Author

In 2012, Julie was diagnosed with advanced stage four metastatic melanoma and given only months to live... she promised her heartbroken teenage daughters she would survive.

Sharing her incredible story of survival against the odds, her biography Patient 71, has become a source of hope and strength to others undergoing a similar journey.

Julie is an international motivational speaker and has spoken at conferences, events and fundraisers both in the US and Australia. Julie commits her time as an ambassador, contributing as much as possible to support, raise awareness and funds for cancer charity events around the world. Julie now lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and is thankful for every day she spends with her husband and two daughters.

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