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Paper Bags

Trish McDonald

Tonight, she’s a stalker. In the dark woods, with the rain lashing the windshield and the ground fern crushed beneath the wheels of her car, she hides and waits and contemplates her options: The Boy? Me? Love? Sanity? How far will she have to go to find love and feel safe? As she slouches down behind the steering wheel, the back seat filled with her paper bags and her yellow Labrador Retriever, she questions this decision to chase after him. Little does she know that this deviant behavior will set off a stunning revelation rocking her to the core. Will she run away as fast as she can or will her curiosity entice her to embark on a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening?

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"Paper Bags is a well-told tale of intertwining journeys of self-discovery, metamorphosis, and finding compatibility. I enjoyed the versatility of storytelling from different perspectives while the narrative held constant."

—Candace Gingrich, author of The Accidental Activist

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About the Author

Trish McDonald, according to her DNA profile, is 86% Irish. For a storyteller, this "blarney" heritage comes in handy when writing about issues of childhood trauma. With a background in nutrition education, McDonald combines fiction and self-help in powerful scenes using science-based methods of body work: a yoga class, cranial sacral therapy session, reiki, music, and dancing. It is, however, the healing power of love and intimacy where her protagonist's journey leads to self-discovery and acceptance. An education writer, McDonald's credits include national publications, Family Circle President's Award for nutrition programs, and various academic journal articles. An avid camper, McDonald lives in a RV park in Southwest Florida. Paper Bags is her first novel.

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