Catchlight Book Trailer

The new book trailer for Catchlight by Brooke Adams Law! About Catchlight: The four Kane siblings might have grown up under the same roof, but as adults they can barely be in the same room without a fight breaking out. Each is wrapped up in his or her own life drama - Laura is a recently divorced therapist; James, an alcoholic and deadbeat dad. Robert is a workaholic doctor on the verge of divorce, and Izzy's control issues border on the pathological. When their mother, Katherine, is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, these estranged siblings must find a way to navigate her illness without imploding. The story of a broken family seeking redemption, Catchlight struggles with questions of whe

Review of Songs from a Voice

"The novel is worth reading for the musicality and richness of the prose alone. Fans of Dylan’s work may find the speculative nature of it alternately frustrating and fascinating, but really this is a book that should be of interest to anyone with a musical mind, an interest in the power of protest songs, and a desire to understand what it feels like to be (or perhaps to fashion oneself into) a legend." Read the complete review at:

Georgia Writers Association Recognizes Man in the (Rearview) Mirror

"An earnest tenderness fills each page of Man in the (Rearview) Mirror. A reader learns fast that this is the result of a writer’s careful ability to listen. Accepting ears are also the hallmark of a good driver, which is how LaRue Cook collected the stories he collates in this book. They came to him from the road—the paved runway that propels so many American stories—in the form of Uber and Lyft rides. Each vignette opens the door into a different life, a different story, and Cook uses the opportunity to question choices made on his own journey. He’s less tender with himself, but that’s the mark of a smart writer and a caring human." Read more at:

Brevity Blog Hosts Woodhall

The editors of Woodhall Press were interviewed for the Brevity Mag blog. Please, click this link to read the blog post:

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