*Catchlight* Wins Fairfield Book Prize

Woodhall Press and Fairfield University are proud to announce the winner of this year's Fairfield Book Prize: Catchlight by Brooke Adams Law. The four Kane siblings might have grown up under the same roof, but as adults they can barely be in the same room without a fight breaking out. Each is wrapped up in his or her own life drama - Laura is a recently divorced therapist; James, an alcoholic and deadbeat dad. Robert is a workaholic doctor on the verge of divorce, and Izzy's control issues border on the pathological. When their mother, Katherine, is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, these estranged siblings must find a way to navigate her illness without imploding. The story of a broken fa

Award Winning Book!

The Astronaut's Son wins Foreword Reviews 2018 INDIES Award in the Thriller & Suspense category! “We are incredible proud of this honor,” said David Legere, one of the founding partners of Woodhall Press. “It’s a testament to our ongoing commitment to publish quality books, here in Connecticut and beyond.” Legere, along with partners Christopher Madden and Colin Hosten, founded Woodhall in 2016 as an independent publisher of independent authors. Their mission is to raise both established and emerging writers into the global marketplace. As part of its mission to discover, review, and share the best books from university and independent publishers, Foreword Magazine, Inc. hosts an annual

Z is for Zoetrope

Read "Z is for Zoetrope" at Spry Literary Journal, penned by our own Woodhall Press editor and co-founder, Christopher Madden!

Baron Wormser's New Novel

Baron Wormser's new novel, Songs from a Voice will be available in the spring of 2020. Baron is the author of fifteen books, including the novel Tom o’ Vietnam and the memoir The Road Washes Out in Spring. He has been poet laureate of the state of Maine (2000–2005) and received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the University of Maine at Augusta in 2005. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. He also is the Founding Director of Frost Place Conference on Poetry and Teaching in Franconia, New Hampshire. He offers workshops throughout the United States, teaches in Fairfield University’s MFA Program,

The Rose Island Lighthouse Series!

Woodhall Press proudly announces The Rose Island Lighthouse Series: The Curious Childhood of Wanton Chase! Wanton Chase lived with his grandparents at the Rose Island Lighthouse from 1910 to 1916, from the time he was 1 to 7 years old. Later in life, he recorded his memories of his adventures on the island, which he shared with the Lighthouse Foundation. His recollections are the basis for the story chapters of this book. The history chapters contain additional information and photographs to provide context for the stories.

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