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New Madrid

Robert Tomaino

Imagine a world in which the Salem witch trials never ended…It's the early 1800s and Jack Ellard is a reluctant lawman of the growing river town of New Madrid, Missouri. Expelled from the army for his role in a brutal Native American massacre, Jack has carved out a solitary life as sheriff and rebuffed several offers to become marshal. Despite his desire to avoid controversy and conflict, trouble follows him out west. When a young girl named Abigail Duncan goes missing, everything changes. Jack is forced to delve into the town's secrets and confront his feelings for the girl's mother, Sarah. But when a firebrand preacher named Elijah Prescott, and a city-raised Native American named Chata, arrive and offer to help find the young girl, Jack is unsure of their motives. Neither is who they claim to be. Even Sarah seems to be hiding things from him, and Jack begins to fear the preacher's criticism of her bold and uncompromising demeanor.

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About the Author

Robert Tomaino is writer, editor, and consultant. For more than 20 years, he has provided editorial support and guidance and strategic consultation to medical nonprofits, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Robert has written or edited news stories, feature news stories, magazine stories, physician reports, patient narratives, and numerous other medically-oriented materials. He was the Managing Editor for the National Organization for Rare Disorders. His fiction writing appears in the anthologies Z Tales and When To Now. Robert lives in Danbury, Connecticut.

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